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8 questions to help you get to know clients

Knowing what to ask when a new client comes into your office is the first step toward meeting their financial needs and developing a long-term relationship. But asking the right questions means more than just getting details on the client’s finances.

These are some questions that MDRT members ask to gain an in-depth understanding of how they can help each client.

  1.       Where are you from, and what was it like growing up?
  2.       What did you learn about money growing up?
  3.       What is the hardest lesson you’ve had regarding money?
  4.       What is the best experience you’ve had regarding money?
  5.       Is there something important I should know about your money?
  6.       What is the best investment you ever made?
  7.       Do you have any political, social or environmental restrictions on your investment choices?
  8.       What would you do with your time if no one paid you?

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Written by Matt Pais, MDRT Content Specialist

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